Is this sort of stuff normal in some parts of the world?

Basically some fat fk decided to pick up a dolphin out of the water to take selfies with it. And then a crowd comes along and rather than putting it back in the water they decide to take selfies too, then it dies and they leave it in the beach.

Do these oxygen thiefs Really have no idea?


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  • ... wait... how is that possible of Dolphins are mammals? They breathe the air anyway. It's likely it died due to something else, other than lack of oxygen. Perhaps lack of moisture on the skin? UV radiation from the sun?

    But either way, it's things like these that make me lose faith in humanity. Let's hope those people got charged for animal abuse/ slaughter.

  • This is not about culture though, it's about modern technology. All these stupid trends and fads we have going on on our social media etc. mess with our society. One good example is selfie-taking. I can proudly say that I've hardly ever taken a selfie. Some people on the other hand are totally obsessed with it. There was a family in Portugal two years ago. The parents told their two little kids to wait while mommy and daddy take a selfie at the edge of a really high cliff, up above the sea. While taking their stupid selfies so they can brag about it later on Facebook, one of them tripped and both parents fell to their death IN FRONT of their 5- and 7-year old children. I mean... it's really crazy. People do so many idiotic things just so can have other people applaud them on Facebook and other social media. It's like a big circus.

    • True, but I know plenty of people who take selfies and would never do something like this.

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