Why do I talk like a child around my crush?

I talk like a child around my crush. And do weird things to get his attention. Or get uncomfortable.

I never act like this around other people.

He made me feel bad about myself by being mean to me at a crucial time and I hated him since.


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  • That is something that I find very annoying, I'm not insulting you I'm really answering your question. Almost every girl, esp. those under 21 seem to raise their voice several octaves when they get excited - something you weren't really asking but a few things like that, horrible grammar, and self-absorption are 3 strikes. That's just me, plenty of people are annoyed by the things I do, say etc.

  • Not sure but I can't stand when girls do that. I am a man talk to me like a woman.

    • I even pronounce my words like a little girl.

      Well, hate to break it to you, but in a lot of cases the girl has been abused in some way (in my case mentally not physically or sexually), causing her to feel confusion over her words and not know how to act around a romantic interest who she likes but is also intimidated of

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    • It's okay, I understand you didn't mean to be insensitive.

      Girls do behave like this because they think it's cute, but that's usually when they're being silly around their crush to get attention or something like that.

      I feel very uncomfortable around my crush because he's really smart and he made me feel like I'm not a good person because I wasn't as smart as he was. I think he regrets behaving like this, but does not understand the extent to which this affected me, because my dad used to bully me and my mom because of him having pursued a high level of education.

      I always feel like a little girl around my crush and am not able to express my feelings around him and am scared of him making fun of me

    • He should regret behaving like that and if he keeps it up and is aware of your past, then you should consider looking for someone who would not make you feel that way.

      If he or she uses intimidation, they don't honestly care for that person. Smart only applies to your career, when it come to your SO, you are on the same level and no one tries to reign over the other person. It is suppose to be just love, understanding and working together towards your goals... Intimidation to gain an upper-hand and belittle the person is not part of that equation.

  • because you're childish

    • I have all these day dreams of laying down on my crush's shoulder with us fully clothed and falling asleep. They're always child dreams.

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