I don't know who else to ask... Anybody have experience with dogs (potty issue)?

My boyfriend and I have a 2 year old rescue dog we adopted a few months ago. She loves both of us, but she got very attached to me in particular. Anyway, it seems she will only poop when I'm the one walking her!

So here's what happened. I'd been working a lot this week and hadn't seen her much, but my boyfriend's had the last three days off so he's been home with her. I got home from work last night and she went bananas! She kept running back and forth, circling the same spot and sniffing the floor. I'd never seen her act so crazy. So I got her leash to take her out and she ran over and could barely wait for me to put it on her. Meanwhile, my boyfriend was calling her name and she ignored him completely - she was fixated on me. So I took her out and, no joke, she pooped FIVE different times. She had literally so much poop in her. So I brought her back in and told my boyfriend, and that's when he told me "oh yeah, for some reason she never poops with me."

Does anyone know if it's possible for a dog to have such a strong toileting preference?


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  • Yeah, dogs can learn some interesting pooing habits.

    I have an old rescued lab, and somehow, after watching me do my own poos behind a closed toilet door for a couple of years, he's decided to go and do his poos hidden inside deep bushes and behind trees too.

    Works for me, as I don't have to carry around a plastic bag to clean up.


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