Human Rights versus women?

Do you think - in accordance what is happening on the Middle East and in the some parts of Europe that women are really under power of the men and they dont have the same rights like every human? If you think that woman is less that man, try to defend it, proove it and explain it here. This questinon is mainly for muslims. ( Im Christian, so we can discuss)


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  • This is true, women on the east and muslim countries are under power of the men. Because, although muslims refuse it, Islam and eastern culture is patriarchical and women always must be one step behind men.

    Without men's permission women can't work, can't wear whatever they want, can't marry and in some districts even can't finish education or divorce. It's said the best women is the one who obeys the rules of husband/men and talk less.

    In developed modern countries is mentioned about human rights but in eastern muslim countries only 'men's rights'.

    No sense to defend such an idiotic stupid customs. I know it very well because I was living in one of those countries for long time.


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  • Yeah, it isn't fair how women can't walk on the streets without being occupied by a man.

    Men are the true abomination of this world. Men sell women in Mexico, and in many other countries. Women are the ones that are mostly afflicted by society. People can even get away with rape when the victim has no evidence. Rape should be as equal as murder, and should be executed for it.

    The cops aren't making the world any better either, they're useless most of the time.
    People should be allowed to take matters into their own hands and do public executions again for child molestation... This world is corrupt and there's nothing you can do about it. Talking about something is less likely to take affect into this world than you taking an actual attempt for the cause.

    You make a video, see how many people defend, and a majority will be men ofcorse.

    • Im " old fashioned" so im against all those crimes. And of course willing to fight against it.

  • If your on about the middle east then there's no debate here women don't have the same rights as men they have to wear a burka, they can't drive and in Saudi Arabia they're stoned for adultery.