What is something my landlord would call and say she needed to talk to me personally about?

I have two other roommates, but our landlady called me "to discuss a couple things". I didn't answer, she just left a message. I was kind of scared, so I asked one of my roommates to find out what she wanted. She said she had to talk to me about it, no one else. I'm told she didn't sound mad or anything, but I am really nervous. I can't think of what it could be. I'm not late on any payments, and neither roommate has complained about me.

(We do have a cat here that isn't on our lease, but I figure they could talk to anyone of us about that if they found out.)

Any ideas? I'm so nervous to call her.

All of us are on the lease.
We never make noise.
I have personally never done anything worthy of complaining.


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  • Maybe noise?

    • If it was noise, couldn't she talk to anyone? And we don't make a lot of noise at all.

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    • Then I don't know

    • I know right, it's so dumb.

  • Usually it's noise or discuss other complaints from the neighbors.

    • I haven't done anything to anyone here ever!

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