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So in middle school, we have this family reading night and I wanted to go but I had no one to go with. Then my class won and we are going to have a gameday in 2-3 period tomorrow. The people who went deserved it and it's not fair if the people who did not go also participates. Well, some people went and not all. What should I do, should I just talk, participate, read a book, or no?

  • Yeah, you should still participate even if you did not go.
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  • Just talk or do some work.
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  • The people who won it for you know that some people didn't go to the contest... that's just part of it.

  • Why are you complaining about getting to do something and you didn't even have to do anything. Take all you can get I never participated in any of that class shit in primary school and I always took part, what's with the strong moral code that you don't deserve it but so what take whatever you can get.


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