My face broke out and I feel really hideous?

Usually I have pretty ok skin. I have a few scars on my face from me being super accident prone and cause every time I get a pimple I spaz and pick at it even tho I know I shouldn't. So my face broke out a little while ago. There were pimples everywhere especially on my forehead and nose. I couldn't reaist the urge but to pick them. Every time I get a pimple I just claw at it until I peel all the skin off of it and then it leaves a dark mark. I'm black, but I'm very light skinned so every pimple turns super red and noticable and my confidence drops super low so I just pick and pick and I can't stop. So now my whole entire forhead is covered in dark marks, pimples, and cuts and there's three patches of pink by my nose cause I scratched too deep and it started bleeding. I feel like a monster. I don't know why but I actually cried in school today and I never cry. I didn't cry when I was bullied, I didn't cry when my boyfriend broke up with me, and I didn't cry when my friends abandoned me, but I cried over a breakout. What is wrong with me?


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  • Happens to all of us. Don't even worry to much about it. Over time it clears up.

    Tips to remember:

    Try avoiding to pick the rest
    Wash and moisturize your face regularly. Consistency is key
    Bio-oil can help quicken scar healing process

    I don't know if you were make up or not, but try to keep it light. Your face will need moisture.

    • I wash and moisturize my face every day and I've tried tea tree oil. Every now and then my face has these crazy breakouts and then I pick my face uncontrollably even tho I know I shouldn't and then when the breakout clears up I'm left with a bunch of dark marks.

    • Tea tree oil is the worse. Especially the one were you can feel the burning sensation. That stuff actually opens up the pores more allowing dirt to get inside. I used to use it all the time and my breakouts were the worse.

      Try finding another product that can put moisture back in your face. Sometimes what you use actually makes acne worse.

  • If anything don't worry. There are lost of people that have problems with acne. The biggest thug you shouldn't worry about is how you look. It's better that you think you look bad now and then you turn into a beautiful swan later. Have you seen picture? There are lots of times when the person who was bullied and had the most acne ends up being drop dead gorgeous ! Take Adam Levine for example ! Don't stress it , just be confident !