If Planet X is supposedly going to orbit and destroy earth, how did NASA see it already and nothing happened?


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  • Everything is wrong with that question nasa hasn't found any new planets in are solar system yet they only think it's out there because of the effects of its gravity and if it is out there it's never going to come close to earth

    • yes they are saying that's what causes those tragic biblical events. The gravitational force will shift the magnetic poles of earth.

    • caused*

    • That's complete horse shit gravity the effect of gravity from that planet of the earth would be almost nothing are gravity weakens rapidly as it goes into space at only 300 km of the earth the earth gravity has already lost 10% of its strength plus Jupiter is way bigger and way closer and it doesn't cause any of those things and it's gravity would have a way strong effect now I'm going to say for the hole world to flood it would take 2.5 times the water on the earth to make that happen so that's just complete bs the parting of the sea was cased buy a gaint hurricane and the way the see floor is and I forget tge rest of the tragic events