Why does my mom care about how smart or not smart I am?

My mother barely studied herself.

Yet, she finds a way to make me feel bad about myself every step of the way, and praise other people my age and act like I've studied nothing.

For example, she was talking about how someone was studying medicine. When I was inquiring about them, she stressed the medicine part, as though I was no one to be saying anything about them because *gasp* they're studying to be doctors.

I pointed out that they are NOT studying to be medicine, they're merely studying a pre-medical program and there's a high chance they may never get to med. school.

What the hell is her problem? Even when I try to tell her if someone's behaved unacceptably towards me, she'll take the side of the person who has a better degree. What has that got to do with the way they're behaving lol?

I am so tired of her. I may not be studying to be a fake doctor, but at least I take what I study seriously (BBA degree), and I'm not going to be completely unemployed after I graduate.


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  • i have a feeling you mom has some issues and is trying to also be controlling in your life.
    its your life and all that should matter to you is your happiness in life and future relationship. not what your mom feels your life should be like.


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