What's the point of studying so much when you use less than 5% of what you studied in the real world?

I'm serious. Even in some of the more technical fields, a large part of what you study you don't use. So what's the point of studying it?


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  • The point is to get the idea of the real world, rather than equip yourself with tools to handle the real world. You don't have to use what you learn, you're supposed to see what's going on under the hood.


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  • I think we do use it.

    You pick your major in college, get the knowledge you need and the experience to finally work in the field.

    Without those I think people would mess up a lot.

    • It depends heavily on what you major in.

      I would think a law degree (in my country you get this after undergrad), would be crucial to your ability to practice law. But I can think of many careers where you'd barely use what you study

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  • For the point of getting a degree to gain a good job, hopefully making good money. Otherwise it's worthless unless you are just generally interested in learning more.

  • What are you studying?


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