What new skill have you learned recently?


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  • Some time ago, I began tossing my freshly-squeezed loaves at passing motorists as a form of relaxation. I've now become so adept at this repugnant recreation, that I can plant a face-shot on any demented dullard unfortunate to be cruising with their window open, with utter precision.

    • Thats a mighty big jump from tying your shoe laces. Kudos sir!

    • Just doing my bit for the cause of evolution! ; - )

  • I have an off year on college between my bachelors and masters degree. So I have to make an entrance exam for my masters degree.
    Because of that I have been relearning some stuff from my bachelors degree.

    Other than that, since I have lost contact with many of my friends lately, I have been working on my people skills. I try to approach random strangers at coffee shops and other venues, or at least I talk to the staff.

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