What is more easier & profitable?

  • Fashion designer
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  • Pastry shop
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  • Flower shop
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  • Any suggestion?
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I want a party shop but my mom say it's hard she want me a fashion designer
No worries about money Dad going to buy me a shop


Most Helpful Girl

  • A. Does being a fashion designer also include dressing other people? If so, social media will play a big part in this. Posting pictures on instagram, tagging the people you've dressed and tagging the brands you've used, and of course showing the outfits themselves. I don't know how much money this makes, but it will definitely open doors because word travels fast.

    B. The food industry requires a lot of money and time and maintenance. If you don't have a lot of money at hand and constantly coming through, you might want to try a different venture. Or consider working from home, working out of your own kitchen, maybe even do something seasonal: holiday pies, Easter treats, birthday cakes, fruity tarts for the summer. there's so many ideas and different ways to do this that can be cost effective.

    C. A flower shop will require a lot of water and also most people order flowers online or just get them from the grocery store, so that part of your demand already gone.

    I hope this was helpful.

    • This help so much That's help a lot
      Yea I've the money support so that's mean pastry shop
      I give you 🌹

    • Im so happy I could help! A pastry shop is a blessing, i could eat baked goods all day.

    • YepYep, Me too : D ❤️

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What Guys Said 6

  • Fashion designer probably has the potential to be the most profitable but only if you become really famous for your designs. Otherwise its just a hobby.

    Pastries is probably more profitable than flowers bdcause there's more demand... but there would also be more competition with other pastry shops.

    I think difficult to start your own business regardless of what you're selling but I guess flowers would be easier since there's less compettition and less variables. With pastries you need them to look good AND taste good.

    • Very helpful informations ,,
      Explained well,, ThanK you 👍🏼

  • I think B... potentially maybe A but the market is so small!
    How hard would it be to get into that market - the risks are high :-(
    A good pastry shop attracts customers from miles away :D
    Of course you'd need to take very good care of the quality of your product and the general look and hygiene in your shop, but doing this the right way around could pay off big time :D

  • Fashion Designer is like one in thousand gets up the ranks and earns lots of money and the rest are just barely doing it.

    Flower Shop is probably the most chill of all of those jobs, but also not the most financial thing.

    Pastry Shop probably is by far the most reliable to get a decent living from.

  • It takes a hell of a lot of luck to be successful as a fashion designer. It has the potential to eran a lot but I wouldn't make it plan A.
    Bakeries are very competitive, with all the chains opening up not many small bakeries do well.
    Florists are probably the most realsitic o the options you listed, until men unravel the mystery that is female emotion there will always be demand.
    Running your own business is never easy, certainly not garuanteed money long term.

  • I work as an Android developer, and I think it's simpler than most other jobs.

    • Really?

      I took a c# coding class in HS and thought it was kinda confusing :/

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    • @Alexandapoof CSS is so not second nature to me at all, you just specify random parameters on certain classes and the website magically looks better; there are so many parameters and sometimes there are really awkwardly strange inner workings of CSS rendering

  • Pastry Shop... yer not bad looking so go for it... actually I've seen many hot chicks working at pastries... for some reason they provide a sex appeal... even if it's not so much a sexual job they do... hahahaha...

    So yeah go for it... it's profitable since many dudes are gonna buy donuts from yer shop... hehe...


What Girls Said 2

  • Fashion designer? If you have a drive and time.
    Pastry shop? If you can bake and stuff. And that more stable!

  • I say pastry shop out of all the options here.

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