Getting Tatted: Tattoo Ideas?

Alright, so about a year ago I decided at 3 am that it would be just a WONDERFUL idea to give myself a tattoo. It's a janky little arrow on my shoulder. I'm gonna go get it covered with something else soon, just trying to figure out what. I've got some ideas. One is a skull with blue/purple hair and a daisy flower crown for my birth month. Another idea is some kinda quote (probably Jim Morrison related) along my collarbone leading to a flower or something on my shoulder. Anyone got any other ideas? I plan on drawing it out myself, I've designed tattoo flash before.

  • Skull w/ blue & purple hair w/ a daisy flower crown
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  • Jim Morrison quote w/ a flower or something
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  • Other (comment)
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  • You should decide what you get since it will be on your body. Do not let others decide for you because it may end up not being what you wanted afterwards. You want to be happy with it.

  • Mr. Hanky from South Park.

    • Wow, fantastic idea. Just a piece of shit on my shoulder. Screw everything else, that's what I'm getting. Thank you, thank you sooooo very much.

  • Dont spoil your pretty whitr skin with tattoo.. thats all


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