Is a standard Macbook pro good for college?

I want to buy a 13 inch macbook pro. I want to use it for college too. Is it good for college? Maybe to do work and research. Im not majoring in tech. Have you or do you know anyone that used a mac for college and how did it go?


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  • I had a macbook pro for university but I still found it a bit heavy along with my textbooks. So I would bring my iPad to school but use the pro at home unless I had a project to work on. I found it really good for school, but I'm sure there's other laptops out there that would do the job just as well.


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  • I'd like to know the same thing! Thanks in advance (to OP and anyone who helps!)!


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  • If you are long on money and short on computer knowledge, then, sure.

    If you have a tighter budget, you can get a PC with similar specs for less than half the price, so... yeah.

    • I dont want a desktop

    • Yah I'm talking about a PC laptop.

      Macs are insanely expensive, for the specs. Yr paying for the branding, and for the plug-and-play factor, You can always get comparable PC machines for way less money.

  • I have a macbook pro. To be honest with you, It's nice because its lightweight and what not and a different operating system.
    If you're just doing general research and microsoft word, save your money and by something different. I got mine because I desperately needed iMovie, numbers ( for graphs and tally) and photoshop for everything in between.

  • MacBooks are good! Just buy an external hard drive you will need it because the Internal storage will fill up fast!

    • Can I store things on a USB if I run out of storage?

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    • whaaaa? what are you storing, that will take up 256gb or 512gb?

      why don't you just use cloud storage?
      if you sign up for copy and pass the link on to enough friends, you'll have hundreds of gb of space before you even know it.

    • You're welcome:) but I think you'll be fine!:)