American GAGers:If you plan to caucus or vote in primaries who is your choice?

Nevada and South Carolina have upcoming caucases/primaries in the next two weeks. Super Tuesday is March first which will include states such as:Alabama, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Vermont, Georgia, And Alaska. My state North Carolina will have theirs March 15th. So who do you plan on choosing and why?


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  • For me it is between Trump, Carson or Cruz those are my main 3 guys I was thinking about Rubio then I found some stuff out about him that makes me a bit uneasy.

    I like Cruz the best though for the fact that he is the foremost expert on our constitution so he knows what is violating it and what is not violating it more then anyone else would and how to better adhere to it.

    • I couldn't have said it better myself on Cruz. I think Trump is a Clinton plant, so I'm not voting for him. As a matter of personality, I like Carson best, but I don't see him standing much of a chance, so Cruz. I was not happy with Rubio claiming the Gang of 8 was the best compromise they could do at the time (every "progressive" including Obama ate it up with a spoon) then saying his immigration policy would be different, yet it is near indistinguishable. Then yesterday was the last straw when he seemed to side with the BLM terrorists instead of the police.

    • @galloway875 Yeah pretty my thoughts chances are it will be between cruz and trump regardless of which two win I will not be voting for either sanders or clinton either way.

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  • He's not perfect (who is?) but Sanders is probably the most decent human being I'll ever vote for. Even if it's just in a primary.

  • I'm an independent who is voting for Cruz, only to try to, 1) help keep the fight going in the Republican primaries, and 2) in hopes that Jeb! will stay in so his super PAC will burn through their money beating up on the other candidates, especially Trump. Carson is done soon anyway. Do I want Cruz to actually win? Hell no!

  • Mr. Sanders, sir.

  • I'm voting for Trump. I don't like Rubio, Cruz or Bush, and Carson and Kasich are too far out of it.

    • No hate on who you're voting for, I just love how there's only two opinions so far and we're the complete opposite lol

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    • @BrunetteNYC that's true. He's been 3rd in the last 2 states.

    • And what's insane and hilarious that both he and Rubio make what should be "I lost" speeches into victory speeches for losing and placing 2nd and 3rd. Hello, you LOST.

  • Donald Trump.

    Single most important issue being that his campaign issue is immigration, and restricting work visas. Big companies in the USA like to fire their tech or IT or accounting people and hire foreign workers for cheaper, like Toys R Us for example.

    Given that my job is a low level IT/accounting job... and my dad works in programming... and my older brother now is in tech... vested interest in forcing American companies to actually hire americans!

  • None of the above.