Why do creationists insist things like "cats evolving into dogs would prove evolution?

Because it wouldn't, it would disprove evolution (or if it did it would prove divineley guided evolution and disprove evolution by natural selection). Cats and dogs are independantly derrived lineages so a cat evolving into a dog wouldn't happen any sooner than a Nordic language could evolve into a Latin based one. Here's how it works. Take a dog (like a wolf) and a cat like a jaguar, clearly very different animals.
Why do creationists insist things like

But here is a picture of a jackal which closely resembles Canis ferox, a fossil dog that looked like a jackal when alive (looked like, not that it was)

And in the Jackal can see similarities with another member of the dog family; the fox

This is because the further you look back in time, or the more morphologically conserved the members of a clade are, the more they will resemble each other. But now in the red fox which far more closely resembles the oldest fossil dogs than wolves or jackals, we can start to see cat like traits like the slit-eyes. They even make a noise similar to a meow

And if we look at the grey fox, the cat like traits become even more evident.

They even live in trees and are the most early divergent and conserved canid in existance.

Many people think that the "cat like" features of foxes are from convergent evolution, but they're not. They aren't even "cat features" per se, they are features of the first members of the order carnivora to which cats and dogs belong. The first species was called miacis and it resembled a modern genet which has features of both cats and dogs.And in this animal looks like the basal cat the margay. Take note of the white muzzle, black snout, white mask seen on all the cat, fox and genet.

This is how evolution works, not one independantly derrived lineage evolving into another but the further you look back in time at related lineages, the more they will resembe each other and cats and dogs are a great example.


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  • Anyone who doesn't believe in evolution did not study evolution. It's informally known as the "fact" of evolution although it's formally considered as a "theory". The layperson doesn't understand what a scientific theory is so they feel there's room for doubt as it's "just a theory". There is no doubt that evolution is a real phenomenon that leads to the formation of species.