Is sending a fruit basket sappy?

I wanted to do soemthing for my boyfreind who has been feeling stressed lately about a bunch of stuff from jobs to something that happened awhile back. He hasn't wanted to do much and just stay home. I keep telling him evertyhing will get better and i am here is he needs to vent. Im not sure what else I could do with me being home. I thought maybe sending him a fruit basket since he doesn't do the whole sweets deal is ok. It might be sappy but I don't know. Should I do that or just leave it be


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  • I personally would prefer a steak basket but I'm pretty sure this will work just fine too. :) We usually deal with problems by isolating ourselves. Not venting like girls do with their friends. Send him a sweet text from time to time and he'll show up sooner or later. Honestly, a loving sms from a girl can make any man a lot happier than a meat basket (unless you're inside) :)

    • lol I just wish there was something more I could do and him not wanting to stay home. He has been having a hard time lately with an issue that happened a few years back and its stressing him out and he's also having a hard time finding a job. I just wish i could take him to do something to try and get him out of this funk. There are some days he's fine and then the next day he's stressed again. Was just looking for something that i could do for him besides those texts. Its all understandable and takes time.

    • Not much you can do until he works through the problem on his own. If he doesn't want to go out and do anything, you can always cuddle... Trust me, unless he's dead he will not remain uninterest for long. Jokes aside, just be loving and sweet to him. If he's taking too long just tell him it's time to get his shit together. We sometimes need a kick in the rear.

    • I would love to just cuddle and watch a movie, but don't think he even wants to do that. He just sort of wants to be alone i guess which is fine, just wish he didn't want to Thanks!

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