Heaven? Is it sacrifice or convenience?

1) The possibility of losing everything/everyone you have ever loved and made you happy, but guaranteed to be eternally loved.

2) Guaranteed to eternally be with everything/everyone you have ever loved and made you happy, but no guarantee it will make you eternally loved or happy.

3) Guaranteed to be eternally loved and happy being with everything/everyone you have ever loved and made you happy.


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  • I feel like Heaven is the carrot in the carrot and stick combo used by religion as encouragement to tow the line. If I'm wrong and it's real? I suspect we'd be returned to a spiritual energy free of all of the joys and pains that our time on Earth carried.

    • So you see it as more of whatever is convenient for each individual or organization that believes in it?

      But if it does exist, you would see it as a point that lacks all pains and joys as we recognize them in this existence?

      Assuming I understood you correct, I find your views to be interesting. They appear to be 2 of the more logically sound explanations of the concept of heaven. Thanks for your views.

    • To answer your first question: I think all organized religions are tools of would be ruling bodies that exploit the fear of the unknown to gain and control followers. Heaven is the reward used to encourage obedience and Hell the punishment for rebellion against said authority.

      As for your second question: I believe any plane of higher being would be vastly beyond emotions and memories. Perhaps something where all beings are joined in a sort of universal consciousness.

    • Ok, thanks for your reply. I'm pretty sure I understand what you're saying.

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