Creationists, why do you believe in creationism and what variety of creationism do you believe in?

Like are you young earth or old earth, do you think all life was created simultaneously or sequentially and if you believe that life can diversify only within limits, what are these limits?


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  • Because there's no better explanation for the universe. Creation is the real answer. Every man is an extraordinary motor, but scientists will never have evidence of what "started the engine" the only true evidence, is that God did. Also, the Bible explained scientific facts before modern times did. Such as the earth being circle... etc. The Bible explains why we all speak different languages, it even predicted ww1, I believe in creation, because there could never be an explanation that made better sense

    • Umm, 1st of all the Earth isn't a circle it's a sphere and we do know how the engine came to be (i. e. evolution). As for the origin of life itself we don't have a comprehensive understanding of the origin of life but that's not to say that we don't have working models for how it could originate from prebiotic matter in the primordial Earth. Also, there is another explanation for the Universe: it always existed.

    • The Bible said it was a sphere...

    • No, it says there's a half spherical dome around the Earth above which is the heavens and below the land there is pillars supporting it in the waters below. This is blatantly untrue

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