Im 19 and im wondering if its too late for me to pursue this dream?

i want to become a good singer, im 19 and i've never really given it an actualy shot but over the past couple months its the only thing i've wanted to do so im signing up for lessons every sat and im wondering if its too late for me? also i dont know if i have any natural talent, how can i find out?

i always see really good singers on youtube and other sites but they are all my age and have been singing since they were young so its been putting me down and making me think i can't do it.


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  • Is there an age where we supposed to figure all that out? Better late than never i guess. If ya can't find a natural talent then get good at one


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  • lulz too late to be a singer at 19. Ok dude. Ok. XD. You are young so no. Natural talent is one thing. Actually being good and polished is another.

    • this made me happy hahah thanks. i'ts all I've been thinking about and i've been worried because i see all these good singers on youtube and they are all around my age and i think all of the ones i've seen all started at a younger age so its been putting me down

    • If you are good it doesn't matter. I just started myself so yeah I learned rather quickly how to do this stuff. If you got drive it can be learned and you can become good pretty fast I think.

  • its never too late. signing is a learned skill not a talent only to some. if you dedicate time for it and really into it. Go for it.

  • Go for it. It's definitely not too late for you.

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