Favorite Aquatic Animal?

What's your favorite animal that lives in the water? I didn't list all of them, obviously, so just pick one of the options. You can always input below too.Favorite Aquatic Animal?

Mine is the dolphin. :]

  • Whales. Any.
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  • Penguins.
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  • Manatees--Aka sea cows.
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  • Sharks.
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  • Seahorses.
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  • Sea turtles.
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  • Dolphins.
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  • Jelly Fish
    Sea Horses

    This new species of small squid I believe it was they found a while back that is covered in white hair but the white hair has a cool feature it traps and filters the toxins and chemicals through the hair so that they are harmless to the squid it lives deep under watch I think near volcanic fissures or something. I might have that last part wrong not sure forgot it's name to but it was really interesting when I was reading about it


Most Helpful Girl

  • Growing up, I really liked Alligators, which I consider kind of aquatic. Clearly a reptile, but they spend a lot of time chilling in the water. I've always been fascinated by Sea Horses as well and I have a special place in my heart for turtles. I participated in a conservation project in Costa Rica for the critically endangered Leatherback Sea Turtle and while doing beach patrols we ended up finding one (they're HUGE, like a dining room table) and I was in charge of taking measurements. It was a really cool moment.


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