Am I going Crazy?

Seriously, for the last three hours I have been hearing cat noises. The meowing, the grumbling, the purring, the little whingey 'feed me' noise, and that high pitched noise cats make when they can't get through a door.
It sounds so bloody pitiful!

Only thing is, there is no fucking cat! The only animal in the room with me is a dog that's asleep, and the only cat that would be anywhere near enough for me to hear it would be my cat who fucked off a few months ago. Except it only slightly sounds like him. He has a low meow, while this is more high pitched, more like the meow of a female cat.

The dog isn't reacting to it at all, but she's fifteen/sixteen years old and half the time we reckon she's deaf (unless you say her name, she snaps right to attention then).

Am I just going nuts? I'm the only person in the house, I've been alone all day. And I am still hearing it now. Could it be under the house maybe?
I don't know, but it is driving me crazy!

I've gone looking, and I cannot find anything.

It's not the dog though. The dog is asleep, and does not make those kinds of noises.


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  • I was going to make a double entendre pussy joke, but it wouldn't make you laugh, now would it?

    • Everything makes me laugh these days. Everything. Because if one doesn't have laughter, what does one have, really?

    • Wise words. Now go find that pussy, and when you do, give it a tender petting like she deserves.

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