If you could completely design your ideal partner would you want to do it? Or do you feel that the experiences between you to would be inauthentic?

Imagine a world where you could program your ideal partner to have the exact behavior tendencies, thought process, and temperaments as you want. You would write down the core beliefs and critique the partners performance in real time to get closer and closer to your ideal.

How ever does this aspect heighten connection or hinder it because you recognize their behavior to be fabricated.

I don't know, what r ur thoughts?


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  • I'd rather just find someone accidently & then, like magic, we both have qualities that aren't exactly the same but mesh so well that it's uncanny.

    • Strange how we are unsatisfied in just being with ourselves, this deep rooted craving exists for a higher sense of unity, but is this feeling something that is just socialized?

    • I'm one of those satisfied single peeps so I can't really tell ya lol

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