If he say he will treat me like a Queen when we're together, does it mean he will think I'm his girlfriend?

A guy I connected with on Facebook is from my hometown. We went to the same middle school. Had classes together.

So we plan to have sexual relations when he comes in town. He tells me how he will treat me like a Queen, with gifts etc.

Just even to use that word Queen sounds major, like this is more than just sex. Which is fine with me.

We just haven't talked about where this is going. Or what it is. And I know he doesn't like to rush into anything so, Queen status seems very high. What do y'all think?



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  • If a guy says he will treat you as a queen with gifts and like royalty then it would sound like to like girlfriend status. But that is also true maybe he could also be referring to queen sexual. Which can mean spoil and pamper you sexually.

  • thats what my father said to my mother before marriage and made her life miserable... . just saying... .


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