Not caring about peoples feelings? good or bad?

I don't care if i offend people, i just say what i think to people and many people dislike me for it but i just don't care.


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  • Coool story bro!

    • How does that relate to my question?

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    • @Paris13 I guess. He should feel gulity its life! If he wants to be upset he can be and ignore people but it will pass (:with other sources.

    • *shouldn't

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  • As Wise as an ol Owl that I seem to be here, dear, I find it Best from the Rest To... Keep your Own Opinions to Yourself so You don't End up Annoying Anyone for Then Everyone to Say to You... You're No Fun.
    Good luck, @Mr. Determined xx

    • I don't know, i need to say what i think to peoples faces because then i am not satisfied. I don't swear or anything.

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    • I know what i say and i hope people don't take it as seriously.

    • People are very super thin skinned in this society that we live in Today and will Take it the wrong way with what you may say is "Not serious." I always find that silence is golden, listen to the Guru here, dear, She knows best. lolxxoo

  • Not nice


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