For 5 dumpsters filled with $100 euro bills , would you do 1 of these?

1. Let four guys beat you with metal golf clubs for 30 minutes twice a year for 3 years

2 Give rimjobs to guys who smell like limburger cheese and rotten pork and fish on camera showing your face

3. Smoke angel dust , oxycotin, and krokodil for 4 times a week , for a year straight.

LOL crickets lol
filler filler filler


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  • Why do these anonymous cowards constantly post these disgusting, "Would you do these things for money"?

    • A anonymous lame like you?

  • No, I wouldn't! :P

    • To which one?

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    • You could #2

    • With #2, I may die due to extreme disgust! Not die probably, but certainly go insane! :P

  • I'd choose number one. Then get them from behind with a folding chair, cut out their tongues, so they can't tell anyone, and ship them with my new cash to Siberia, to work in fields for Vlad. Putin. :-)

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