Self concious about hairyness?

I've always been hairy as a child but ever since I turned 15 I started growing hair on my breasts and nips. I know that being hairy comes from my mother but I've never heard of growing hair there. Its really scary because I dont know how to remove it, I did use tweezers but it hurts worse than on my face. I dont want to get lazer removal or use chemicals because I'm worried that it will be a health hazard for my breasts. Do you think a guy would care about this during sex? I also feel like I have more male hormones than estrogen because I don't know anyone else that is hairy like me. Would it be wrong to take estrogen pills?


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  • go see your doctor. your hormones might be a bit out of whack- which isn't entirely unusual since you're probably still going through puberty and all. but your doctor is the best person to talk to about this. he/she can run some blood tests and advise you.