Are you an Artistic person :) ?

Are you an Artistic person :) ?


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  • See for yourself.

    ( you'll have to excuse the poor talent on this one it's when I was just starting out and it was watercolor eck )

    And my almost finished oil painting.


    Standing in the middle of the perfect storm,

    Delving into the edge of madness and insanity,

    Is poetry the cure, the helping hand that leads me out Of the darkness and from madness,

    Into the light or is it the final nail in the long coming Coffin

    That finally let's the hell we call this earth take me,

    That is the question we as poets and writers must Undoubtedly ask Ourselves one day

    When on the edge of madness do we let it take us?

    But at what cost, our lives, our souls?

    Or do we fight it back and continue on,

    Time will tell... time will tell for us all

    [Haiku 3]

    Rain pelts, weathered stones
    as fish swim, beneath the storm
    unaware, serene

    • I like your painting so far!

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    • I'd just worry about messing it up though!
      Cool new pic by the way

    • Yeah I worry about that to but oils are the easiest and most forgiving when it comes to correcting mistakes and thanks.

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