EU brexit... fellow brits, how are you going to vote?

we are having a referendum in June. will you vote to stay in the EU or will you vote to leave?

personally, im voting for an exit. i dont trust cameron at all, and the deal he secured isn't enough to persuade me otherwise.


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  • Voting to stay

    • i respect your decision can you tell me your reasons?

    • It'll make imports and exports harder if we left.
      And also for my own (probably selfish) reasons. See I was born in this country, have never lived anywhere else and cannot speak anything other than English. My parents however are German. Due to me being born after 1983 I'm not considered a proper British citizen. I've been a carer for 6 years, and recently decided to claim income support... but I'm not entitled, because I'm EU instead of British, despite the fact I'm born here and can't even speak German. If we left, my life would be a lot harder. There are thousands in my situation too. I met a poor French, but still born in the UK like me, who was in a worse situation than me even.
      This is after I've worked and paid taxes for years, my parents worked since 1970 and paid plenty into the system too.
      My life right now, at least I can work easily and live an ok life even if I can't claim for caring, if we left, people like me would suffer hard.
      Other reasons, but that's mainly why

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