How to get model legs? How to be skinny?

Im 13, 5"2 and 120-125 lbs.
yes im kinda chubby, especially my legs.
my legs are short and chubby but i want to be pretty as one of those popular girls.
im japanese and people say im pretty cute but im not sure. I really want to be in shape.
and get those super long legs.
i wish i was like 90-100 lbs.
what is the quickest and easiest way to lose weight?(and get model legs.)
please give me detailed opinions.


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  • If your legs are short, there's nothing you can do to get model legs. Even if you're relatively small you can have long legs for your body proportion.

    Also don't listen to anyways who's going to say "you're at an average weight, don't worry about it". I'm the same height. the weight is on the heavier side but more realistically target 110ish. A couple of pounds go a long way for short people.

    There's no easy way to lose weight. It's gonna suck but essentially you need to exercise on the regular and eat healthier (limit processed sugar, fried food, trans fat, etc). A lot of girls like to run, it burns fat relatively well. But be sure to do weights as well if possible.


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  • Honey, you can't have long legs if you're short unless you get that terrible leg lengthening surgery. Given your age, it's also likely that you're still growing. Everybody goes through the puppy fat stage in puberty. Don't do anything drastic ever, but especially not now. You need that bit of fat so your body can develop and grow properly.

  • Models are tall and have long legs. You can't ever get model legs because you are short. If you loose weight in order to make them look skinny you'll only look malnourished. Your legs fit your body type. Just be thankful that you even have legs.

  • The easiest way is to do cardio exercises and eat less calories.

  • Be born with different genes...

  • a lot of sport and be vegetarian or vegan you'll loose a lot of weight like this, it's what my mother do

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