Lost Truth or Dare... Rate my Singing?

Long story short, I was joking with my cousin when he said he was a good singer and I said that I sang better than him. Then he proposed a game with truth for the winner and dare for the loser. I accepted, lost the game and he said: "You said you're better singer, show it. Post you singing on the internet and tell people to rate it". I asked where, he said: "anywhere". So... I thought of you GaGers. Prepare your ears and... proove him wrong (I hope) xD


(song is in Portuguese btw)


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  • Sorry you don't have talent singing! Dj is good to you but your voice... mmmmmm... no, sorry

    • I no I don't have talent, what matters is being better than him xD

      I think this opinion won't help the "competition" though, well, thanks anyway ;)

    • I know* I don't