Trump will become President of the US 2016?

He basically got the nomination with his victory in South Carolina.
Berny (who could beat Trump), can't win against Clinton.
Clinton will lose against Trump.
==> Trump will become President of the US 2016!

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  • If Trump wins I'd be very worried for America and its people... And I'd be very worried about the minds of the people who actually voted for him in the first place. Crazy crazy


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  • It started out as comic relief that Trump was actually doing well after saying ridiculous things like he's going to make Mexicans pay to build a wall to keep themselves out of USA but now even the journalists are starting actually talk seriously about him having a good chance.

    I think if it came down to it, Hilary would probably win but it's getting a little too close for comfort now.

    So come on America, time to get serious.

    • All the polls are saying that Clinton would lose against Trump.

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    • He become the most powerful Head of state in Europe and lead the whole world into an abyss.

    • We get the short straw no matter what, trump is a dumbass and Clinton is bought and says whatever her sponsors want her to say.

  • And it worries me you guys can't feel this guy doesn't have the sensitivity to rule a country.

    I can say popular phrases that make nationalists foaming from their mouth also.

  • nonononononono oh god please! NO!

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  • I hope he does. I don't think him winning South Carolina is automatically going to give him the nomination. The other two candidates are fairly close and it's still early.

    • Never ever in American history has a presidential candidate won New Hampsire and South Carolina and did not got the GOP nomination.

    • There's never been a candidate like Donald trump though and we don't really know how people will react after a certain time.

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