What are some of your unpopular opinions?

Here's some of mine:

1) I'm not a fan of sunny, bright weather, I prefer cloudy and rainy days.
2) The appeal that having long legs is given is overrated. More often than not having disproportionately long legs looks strange to me.
3) Eggs taste disgusting.
4) I think brown eyes are far more attractive than coloured ones.


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  • - It should not be possible to inherit wealth (I like this a lot, that's why I stole it from this anonymous guy). I'm okay with people inheriting small things that are of emotional value mostly but there should be a limit around 10,000 dollars. Inheriting goes against the basic principles of capitalism.
    - Working is not a virtue. Just because you've worked hard doesn't make you a better or morally superior person. It just means you personally enjoy it or deem it important.
    - Democracy is okay but it's not "omg this is the best system ever".
    - Fashion is stupid. We wear clothes to protect ourselves from the cold or the rain or the sun in the summer. That's pretty much all that clothes are good for.
    - People always look better naturally. And by "naturally" I don't just mean without breast implants or without make-up. By "naturally" I mean without any alterations of your natural look whatsoever. No make-up, no tattoos, no piercings, no painted nails, no hair extensions, no hair coloring, no muscles on men that can only be created by going to the gym 4 times a week etc.. People should take care of themselves and live healthy (eat heathy food and move around enough to stay healthy) but they shouldn't change themselves in any artificial way.
    - Most pop culture is boring. Really... I couldn't care less what some starlet did or said the other day. I also don't think it's a "scandal" if a boob slips out of a star's costume. I think it's stupid to even call this a scandal.
    - Women who sleep around aren't sluts. They're just enjoying themselves. There's nothing wrong about that.
    - Men who can't even give each other a tight hug without feeling all homophobic and awkward are pathetic.
    - Musicians should only be allowed to publish anything if they've actually composed and written their music themselves. This would exclude most of those stupid pop stars from the market. Singing something that other people wrote and composed for you and earning millions just because you happen to have a good voice isn't an accomplishment.
    - I don't think religious believes have any value. I'm not saying religion should be outlawed but religious believes should be regarded as what they are: unproven, unsubstantiated, sometimes childish or arrogant ideas.
    - Rich people are not rich because they are particularly smart or hard-working. They're rich because they've stolen from the poor and they exploit the poor. This is both true on a national, as well as on a global scale.

  • No one should inherit wealth.

    Poor and rich people are not for that reason morally superior or inferior. That is it's as bad morally for a poor person to be greedy or dishonest as it is for a rich one. In a similar vein being a victim does not automatically make you morally better person.

    Medical care or anything else which requires someone else to work for you is not and can not be a right. That's making a right like a feudal lord's right to the labor of his peasants.


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  • I am conservative politically. I believe that if you work hard, you should be allowed to keep what you make and if you refuse to work, you aren't entitled to what I make. I also think nothing given by the government is "free," free for you means taking away from someone who works hard to better themselves. Note that genuinely disabled people are fine to receive help, as are the truly poor who cannot find work; it is systemic abusers I despise.

    A lot of young people are all about the idea of free and take from hard workers to sustain the lazy and unentitled. Once they get into a world where they realize that their work is taxed into absurdity and monies given to healthy people who work the system, it is amazing how the views can change.

    I also am amazed that people are fine with socialism and living under the government in every aspect of life. The US was founded by a brave group of individuals who fled their own country to be free of compulsive governmental control, yet people are perfectly fine giving it back. Amazing to me.