What to pack for two weeks vacation with my boyfriend?

I'm going for vacation to visit my boyfriend for the first time abroad for two weeks what should I pack?

P. S: Do you think two weeks is long?


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  • It's your boyfriend why are you worried about 2 weeks being too long? Haven't you ever spent that much time together? Get some lingerie to surprise him on some nights.

    • No this's the first time me coming alone to see him usually we have company his friends or mine

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    • Sooooo how was the trip? I hope none of the bombings took place during your visit. How was it?

    • It was the worst god I don't want to remember how much trouble I had to arrive but after all the suffering and the crying and praying.. I got there It was nice till I found there's an old lady who is getting in the way of my life with him she's like having him under spell or something and after all this my period came twice !! I want to cry now

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  • Have fun on your vacation. Pack different types of cloths and foot wear depending on the weather. If your flying check the list of stuff not to bring on the plane because they will make you throw it away if it's not allowed to be brought on the flight.

    • Thanks.. and it'd be cold

    • Your very welcome. if it's going to be cold I hope you bundle up stuff to keep you nice and warm. :)

  • Condoms. Lots of condoms. Two weeks can be very long time without them.

    • Not gonna happen thanks though lol

  • Don't forget your girl stuff


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