Do you think the premise of the movie Terminator has become reality? Not overtly with humans eradicated but subtly with humans becoming more obsolete?

For those who have not seen the 84 epic. Its main premise was the machines taking over. I remember seeing it in 1984 at the cinema and it freaking me out. More so now with some truth attached to it


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  • Well I haven't watched it.

    But no, not really. I think a lot of people overestimate computers. They are stupid essentially. They can do a lot of things very fast which makes them seem smart, but they're not. All the hard work is done by the programmer

    And AI, that's just another thing people grossly overestimate. AI today is mostly spam filters, search engines and speech/handwriting recognition. And even then, success largely depends on the sample data and even more so predictability of sample data. For example the US army during the cold war tried to teach a computer to tell whether there is a tank in satellite images. So they gave it a sample set and it didn't work and for a while they couldn't figure out while. Eventually someone realized that all the pictures with tanks in them were taken on cloudy days and the ones without on sunny ones. So all it had learned to do was to tell apart a cloudy from a sunny day.
    And that would be an easy task for a human, the advantage they were looking for here is to do a lot of work really fast

    Humans are complex, far complex than computers will ever be. We are incredibly adaptive and can deal with unpredictable "input" in a way a computer never could

    There's an occasional experimental self driving car out there, but overall computers are a long way from replacing us. All they do now and will for a while is do menial task incredibly efficiently and that's a good thing, because it means we don't have to do it


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  • Sorta. The only thing is, instead of Skynet, we have the ultra rich business owners that only care about becoming even more rich by trying to eliminate as many people job positions as possible. Every time another job is lost to a robot/automation, that is another person out of work and the loss of a potential customer. Think about it... If every manufacturing job, or labor related job in the world could be done by a robot and all those people lost their job and could no longer afford most things, how much product would these factories actually sell? Therefore these ultra rich owners would start to lose money due to no one buying their product!!! When do we reach this saturation point?

    • I think we are way past it

    • Yes, computers and robots do menial tasks incredibly well and I happen to think that's a good thing, because it means we don't have to do them.
      We are at the moment, enslaving millions of people, that make the products we buy (electronics, clothes...) by paying them wages that are too much to die and not enough to live. Imagine robots sewed our clothes. We're actually far from that, because sewing a sweater is actually an incredibly complex task. But imagine they did, it means all the people working for little money now would work elsewhere. Maybe as technicians, engineers, designers, researchers... But mostly non menial tasks, jobs that require education, which in return requires more educators.
      And yes maybe, at some point, there aren't enough jobs for everyone and that's ok as long there is enough food. Some countries are well thinking about concept of an unconditional basic income. Maybe that's what the future holds. The very, very, very distant future. For everything other

    • than menial tasks there will always be humans needed, there will always be jobs there.

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