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I'm 23.

I'm just completing my undergraduate degree. I'm confused on just how far I want to go after that. In my country (Canada), you have options if your grades are good. Law school, medical school (well medical school is a stretch), or an MBA stuff like that.

Ultimately, those careers are about the money and prestige, which is fine. It's not wrong to want to work hard to earn money for yourself and your future family.

What does bother me, however, is that I didn't get to do a lot of things growing up. I didn't get to take art classes, learn how to skate, learn how to dance... I did all those things at the beginner level but never furthered my interest in them.

I want to do those things now. I feel if I choose to become any of the above careers my life won't seem empty, because I'll have so much going on for me. My career will just be one aspect of my life.


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  • What most people fail to take into account until it's too late is the typical work-life balance of the career you get into. Making a ton of money is no good if you have no time to enjoy it. If you bust your ass your whole life thinking you'll enjoy it when you retire, you'll end up with a ton of regrets.

    Likewise, if you pick something that's super lax, but you're constantly worried about bills or security, you won't be able to be happy either. You need to find the sweet spot. A job that will pay you well enough, but that will still give you enou spare time to pursue interests and hobbies as you see fit.

    • While I agree with you, the dilemma I face right now is more about what type of person I want to be. I'd like to be someone whose passionate about a variety of things, because that does factor into how I perceive myself.

      Work-life balance is important for you to have time for yourself, catch a movie when you can, stuff like that, but I think a lot of your real passions (such as competitively dancing on the side), should be something you've been doing since you were a child. Which unfortuately there are a lot of cool things that most kids got to do which I didn't.

    • No no no, it's never too late to start those things. You are under 25... you have the time to do anything recreationally, time to pick up any hobby or interest. Your passions will often change, will evolve as you are exposed to new things, new ideas. Work-life balance isn't about catching a movie, it's about paying the bills while you decide to pick up oil painting, or writing poetry, or joining a choir, or taking up aerial silks.

      You can be passionate about a variety of things, but you'll need a career with good hours if that's important to you. Which it sounds like it is. Better hours will be far more important than a bit more money if you want the flexibility to pursue new passions as you discover them

  • Arts, dance, music, humanities don't pay anything. in my opinion, first secure great income and then let the hobbies come second.

    • You know, to be honest... part of the reason that I've been not too happy in my undergrad programs is because it was the beyond and end all for me (did business).

      There are better business people in this world, as I'm sure there will be better lawyers and other professionals in whatever field I choose to pursue. The arts has always been my passion/what I've wanted to do.

      You can have the best of both worlds, it doesn't have to be one or the other. But you DO have to be honest with yourself about it.

    • Ya, it's just hard to not build a technical skill and make good money. Tons of starving artists and dancers and writers that are "doing what they love". It's hard to learn math, accounting, engineering, etc. but they are the ones that make the money, statistically speaking.

      But making money isn't important to everyone, some are ok being low income.

  • There will always be time to do those things, but you may not be as interested later. It seems like you already made your decision anyway.

    • I don't really think so. I've met bankers at various information sessions talking about, for example, how they wanted to go to art school but never got the chance to do that because of work.

      Learn a language when you're young, go to art school when you're young, do a lot of things when you're young.

      It's not like I am sitting around doing those things. I'm still in my last term at school and thinking of spending the time I have now on weekends and the summer to do what I want to do

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    • Hmm I think also it depends on the field of work. I would imagine for example, a high school teacher would have a good schedule in terms of the time they spend at work vs. the time they spend doing other things.

      A banker not so much

    • Yes definitely, I think law would be more manageable after law school. Medical field would vary.. Being a banker would sometimes throw structure out the window, but I believe not enough to take an art or dance class every now and then.. Good to know you're focused on being successful either way.

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