Should I try to contact him?

okay soo basically I've been talking to a guy online for a year or more.. only to find out that the pics he's been using has been fake, and he wasn't gonna even tell me if i didn't insist for him to cam, i stopped talking to him ever since. thing is i promised myself that if i ever do find the guy in the fake pic that id tell him all about it cause he deserves to know.. so i recently googled one of his pics and he turned to be a model.. not very known though which is why i wasn't able to find anything about him easily, he has an Instagram.. and i was thinking about messaging and letting him know.. because I've kind of grown attached to the guy in the fake pics.. so im curious to know how he would be like also.. should i give it a try or not?

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  • no, you should not contact the model. You are attached to the person you thought was behind the picture. That would be a tad odd to reach out to the model.