What to do now that i've been told im not allowed to move back home after uni by mother?

Its a rather long story so i'll cut it short. I'm trans, my mother said she was fine with it at first but ever since i started passing she's been really frosty to me and generally only even referring to me how i want out of obligation.

She no longer wants me to go home after uni when i have nowhere to live. My room has been packed away to be a spare room now and she never speaks to me anymore. Only to ask if i want to go and visit and if so when so she can know how long she'd have to have me over.

Mother/father are separated and my dad is supportive of me and said im always welcome to live with him if i need to. But he lives too far away for me to realistically get to.

What should i do when i finish uni?

I might be able to get a place with my girlfriend but that wouldn't be isntant and i'd have a few months when i won't have anywhere to stay. I've got almost no money and mother wants more money than i have to let me stay for even a little bit. Even then she'd be generally bad to be around as moment im not in ear range she'd misgender me, even to strangers.

Sorry for the wall of text.


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  • Find a roommate online, that's what I did. It's cheaper than anything else. Or else it sounds like your dad is the only place to go rather than be homeless.


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