Who else thinks this is a good idea for a phone feature?

So this is an idea for phone software people and feel free to steal it because there is no way i can do anything about it.

But yesterday someone was talking about how at the hospital they have problems getting into people's phones bc nowadays everybody has a passcosde. so its its really difficult for them to contact the family in an emergency say when the patient has had an accident and is unconscious. So they can't contact the family and the patient ends up all alone in hospital and possibly dies there without the family coming to meet beforehand.

So anyway there should be a feature on your phone that has like an emergency contact which is accessible even when the phone is lovked. that way the family can be contacted. it also helps if the phone is lost and needs to be returned. it doesn't have to be your whole contact list but just one number so doctors can still contact the family when in an emrgency. What do you think of this idea?

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  • Best solution: have your lockscreen wallpaper just display that information. No special software needed, problem solved.

  • Privacy is a major issue and that problem can be solved by people being prepared by having an emergency contact on their record.

    • Ok But sometimes the person is unidentifiable. But yea i think that way would would be better.

    • It's better to be unidentifiable than have some nurse looking through your nude photos on your iPhone.

    • Lol i would let her. But no seriously i only meant like an emergency feature on your phone and not to unlock the whole thing but have just button on the home screen which shows an emergency contact.

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