I need someone (s) to talk to? I can't do this anymore but I don't know how to move on with my life?

I'm beating myself up; I feel so pathetic. I feel so foolish, like a little teenage girl. I'm 21, I should be able to move past this. I have moved past way worse things with guys than this. I don't know what's wrong with me.

For the past 2 months I had been talking with and hooking up with a guy my age. I grew attached... I told him this past week, and he said he's too busy for a relationship (and also I think he lacks the maturity to be in a stable one... He hasn't ever had a girlfriend before. I'm the longest he's ever "been" with a girl because he usually just does one night stands.)

He stood me up last night when we were supposed to get together. He's with his guy friends all the time... They probably just influenced him to do whatever else they wanted to do.. But he didn't even cancel. Now he's all MIA, happy and carefree, not thinking of me or how he hurt me (again... It's happened before) as I waited all night.. Woke up this morning blue, and now I find it so hard to concentrate on anything. When I see photos of him I burst into silent sobs. One minute I hate him, the next I know I would go running back to him. My friends tell me I'm beautiful and smart and any guy would love to actually be with me, but right now I can't see it. I'm hating myself. I've binged are 3 times this last week... I feel so fat. My acne is going up. I don't sleep. My college classes are taking a back burner. I'm thinking of dropping my Econ course because my head and heart are so bogged down right now... I can't think straight. I just want time to take a breather and not be involved in anything.. But I can't. I have classes to keep up with (I need straight A's as well) and now I feel so heartbroken each day from this guy. I just found out he's been talking to other women too. And he said he wasn't. He lied. Silly foolish me. I don't know where to escape when I'm stuck inside my head. Please help

Binged ate* ugh phone


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  • Well I am sorry to hear that it all sounds very hard to keep up with and that guy you're talking about sounds like a real piece of shit you shouldn't let him drag you down like this I know its hard to forget but after a few weeks itll get easier. If you want to talk about anything message me. Take care of yourself

    • Thank you, he really is a pos. I'm tryin 😌😔

  • That's why love is bad for human nature. No matter what I say to you, even though your mind accepts it your heart will stick upon him. I'm not so professional in these subjects. But try to hate him. And try to admire someone else's body instead of him. That's all i can say. Good luck.

    • It doesn't use any logic either because i know I deserve better or be isn't good for me, but it's so hard to escape the intense feeling. But ill try to hate him :/ it's all I got really

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  • This is what happens when you hook up instead of ask for a real relationship. I know it's hard but now you need to do things for yourself.

    Block and delete his number. Block and unfriend him on ALL your social media. Accept the relationship is over, learn what you can from it, and work on moving forward.