Have you ever looked at your past and thought "wow, I'm a totally different person."?

People change a lot over time. I was just thinking that I'm entirely the opposite of how I used to be. It's just weird. Like a different person is using my body.

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  • I used to be extremely shy and people just walked all over me. I used to be very nice to everybody and it would bother me so much if people did not like me. But now, I am very confident in who I am, I don't need a lot of people to like me and appreciate the friends I do have. I am still very nice to people but won't let anyone just get their way with me. I am still a little shy, but have learned to be a bit more comfortable in meeting new people and talking to them. I trust a lot less, and is very aware of how people treat me.


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  • Not really. I'm actually pretty much the same still that I've always been. Of course I have matured and become an adult but my character and personality is still the same as back when I was 5 or 6 years old. My mom also tells me this often. I think I might have become a tad more introvert but apart from that, I've never changed much :-). Contrary to most other people, I've also never really had a phase where I was one of those "dumb", wild teenagers or young adults that do a lot of stupid things. I became emotionally mature at a very early age and my brother actually used to make fun of me for acting so adult although I was just 12 or so.

    • Sounds pretty boring tho. I look back and the fun parts were doing all the stupid things.

    • See, I've never understood why doing stupid things is supposed to be fun. Especially since "doing stupid things" usually involves harming another person in some way, and even if it's just stealing their umbrella or something like that. As a teenager, I preferred doing cool things, such as going on vacation with my friends from school. That was anything but boring.

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  • Yeah I'm not as bitchy as I use to be, just more bitter and slightly less stupid.


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