Who do you tell when you meet someone famous?

About 2 or 3 years ago (or at least it feels like it), I was on a site called phonezoo. It was shut down as a social site but I believe they put it back up as just a ringtone site. Anyway, when it was still a social site, like gag, I ised it quite a bit especially because I was going through a rough patch in my life with my real friends and my life in general. It got to be my birthday that year, and when I came home from the casino (my new tradition), I jumped online, and well, I managed to somehow stumble upon, ms. Eliza Dushku (bring it on, Buffy, how I met your mother, just to name a few if you've be heard of her). Yes, you all must think I'm crazy for thinking it was her but, trust me, she gave me her number and we chatted on their phone for a good hour. She was drunk and was looking for someone to just pour her heart out to, I was in a good mood so, why not, right? We eventually got in to a fight a bit of a hole after that night (March 19) and I don't even talk to her now, which you'd think is stupid, right? It's just I sort of realized the way we met wasn't really the way I would have liked to have met. I felt like she was really just using me, me being 3000 miles from her and all (California, Ohio). Anyway, I never told my parents, but Isis tell a coupleo My family members and even couple of my friends. I just wonder if they thought I was being delusional or not. I do miss her though, have even tried reaching out to her on Insta, through private messages but, she refuses to answer (whether that's cause she doesn't answer ANY privo's or just is too upset with me). I don't know what to do!


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  • What does Isis have to do with all this?

    • Sorry, what? If you're not going to answer the question get off the site

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