One of my friends is going to teach me how to ride her horse, but I am terrified. Any advice?

I have always wanted to learn how to horse back ride, and my dads friend has some horses and a huge forest and fields. He said I can go trail riding this summer, but I didn't want to just jump on a horse that I have no idea how to ride. So, my friend is going to teach me to ride on her horse. I am not afraid of horses, I love them, but I am terrified that I am going to be no good at it. I have only been on a horse once, and that was when I was 5 years old, and my cousin held the reins and just walked around the ring, so all I had to do was sit there.

Any advice from anyone who rides?


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  • I advise against it. You'll almost certainly fall-off the horse, your dads friend will touch you inappropriately and you'll end up hating both horses AND your dads friend. No good can possibly come of it.

    • First off, I am not afraid of falling off a horse. I figure skated for 11 years of my life. I know what falling and hitting a hard surface feels like (not quite the same but still know what it feels like to hit a hard surface from a height). Also my dads friend will not touch me inappropriate, because a) I have taken brazillian jiu-jitsu, so I can defend myself, and b) he works so I would literally be showing up, tacking up the horse, and taking her out on the trails. You seriously need to re-evaluate your life if you think being a dick will get you anywhere.

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    • Whatever you say old man. I am not even American, Obama has no authority over me

    • "Old man"? It seems nothing but age-biased insults eminate from your diseased gob! One day you too will be old, which unreasonably assumes no one beats you to a bloody, lifeless pulp in the meantime! And why are you "terrified" to ride a horse? When I was your age, I jumped on a horse, having never ridden one previously, and rode it at a full gallop for over an hour! Kids today are afraid of their own tumors!

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  • If your friend knows anything about horses, she'll put you on her most beginner-friendly ride. So there won't be much to it. :) Just stay calm and let your friend train you. I started riding lessons when I was about 7, so if kids can do it, you surely can!

    You'll learn all about the "controls" of the horse. I don't know whether she rides English or Western, so I couldn't tell you. Essentially though, pulling the reins back towards you will slow or stop the horse, and any pressure from your legs will tell the horse to go (or go faster). Most importantly, be sure to keep your heels down in the stirrups (with your toes pointed up at the sky) because that's what's gonna keep your balance.

    Have fun!!

    • She only has one horse. Her horse that she used to show jump on. She's taught her boyfriend (now ex) how to ride on him and he was pretty good with him. Her horse is just stubborn and doesn't like having someone on him that will essentially try to control him or act like they are in charge. He's thrown someone off him when they try that. But thats usually when they try to get him to jump something he doesn't want to jump. She said he's usually pretty good with people just in a ring with no jumps around.

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  • It's REALLY hard to be bad at riding. It's also hard to be GOOD but it's easy to be decent lol

    Don't keep the reigns too tight. Horses can tell when you're nervous. You look in the direction you want to go and the horse will go there (assuming you also lead them lol)

    Sit deep in your seat so you don't bounce. You have to keep loose hips and a strong core so you can absorb the movement of the horse.

    Keep your heels down.

    You don't have to kick as hard as you think you do.

  • Heels down! It's really not so difficult. I think getting the horse ready is the hardest part. Double check your saddle before you hop on. And prepare to be sore. Have fun! It really is lots of fun = )

    • As they say... the hardest part about riding is the ground lol

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    • Lol same. Eating dirt is always an interesting part of horse riding haha

    • Yeah, I am not that scared of hitting the ground. I have done a lot of sports. Falling, hitting things and being hurt just comes with the territory. She was going to teach me how to jump once I actually learn how to ride.