Why don't my relatives and old friends add me on Facebook? Any ideas?

I'm new to facebook and only a small portion of my family has added me on Facebook, and they're active users. I'm a bit shy to add people but I have! And as time goes on I feel unwelcomed to add anyone else that I know.
Lots of people from college even. Maybe those people don't know I'm on yet. But my family absolutely does and must know I am. Such a huge family. Meanwhile my husband gets added by so many people he used to know or family. When I see it happening to someone else of course makes me wonder what is wrong with me? I asked him what he thought and he said he doesn't know.


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  • Most of the people I know don't use facebook... I don't understand the reason for it? It just seems like a soap box for the new generation.

    • I never understood it either. I didn't have one until now (30) and I only post my business related things. Zero personal stuff

    • Yeah, I see as people that are bored/lonely that just use it to say whats on their mind... so maybe someone will listen. The other reason I could see it's use is to post information (like yourself) kind of like a massive group text. Just like the other sites (twiiter, instagram, etc.)

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