What does a guy have to attract a female socially?

What must a guy say to introduce himself to a stranger or to get her interested? (No smartass comments please or ill block you immediately) serious answers only please

What does a guy have to do or what must he say to attract a female socially? (Corrected grammar issues)


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  • Because she's a stranger your feedback will be close to 50/50. She will either be attracted to you or ignore you completely.
    Some women don't like to be mean so they'll be nice but niceness does not indicate that she finds you hot.


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  • You gotta be attractive to her, that's the first thing. Just like food, it all starts with how it looks/presentation.
    Then it's about confidence. I'm sure you're tired of hearing that, but it's the truth. An employer is more likely to hire a confident man, than one that seems scared. Women are the same. If you appear confident, she's more likely to find you interesting.
    Then you gotta start a conversation... an interesting one. Talking about her job while she's out for a drink, may not be the best idea, since she's probably there to get her mind off her job. So talk about something that's fun, something you notice in your surroundings, or something that has been going around in the news, that may be fun to talk about. Your objective is to get her to enjoy your company, and LAUGH. If she's laughing you have more than a foot in.

    Flirting is important too, cause you don't wanna come off just as a friend, you wanna make sure she knows that you want more, and you wanna make her want more than a friendship with you, so you gotta build some sexual interest, and by this I don't mean start feeling her up or talking about sex, but teasing her a little, small touches on her hands or knee, can do the job.

    Obviously you'll fail many times, but that's fine, cause everyone is different, and everyone will react differently. In order to be liked by some girls, you gotta be disliked by others.


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  • Honestly, it's difficult. Cold approaching is a miss-miss-and-occasional-hit. A lot of women will reject you no matter what you say, because you cannot know the intentions of a total stranger in this day in age and you certainly can't trust them, so handing out numbers isn't as common as it used to be. Honestly I have never had a guy really be successful in cold approaching me except a twice, and both times I gave them my number because they were honest in saying: "I just find you very beautiful and I'd regret not at least asking for your number." The other time was after a guy struck up a REAL conversation with me and then asked me for my number because he thought I was really cool.

    • Yeah, i just dont know what to say to a female i completely dont know that i seem to have interest in getting to know. If that makes sense. Like for instance i dont know the very first thing to say.

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    • If a woman rejects you harshly it's for two reasons:

      1) She's a bitch and not worth getting upset over.
      2) You did something inappropriate to earn that response, from being creepy to not accepting no as an answer.

      I can't determine which one that would be in your case since I don't know you personally, but if you are kind and genuine and find yourself rejected harshly it is rarely any fault of your own.

  • I start off with a smile. From there, it can go either way:

    Way 1 - she's receptive, smiles back and talks with you. I would keep things light, positive, and fun. Maybe make a joke or say something intriguing.

    ay 2 - she just isn't interested, so she might smile, or nod back but move on.


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  • Approaching strangers is a really bad idea. Some men do manage to pull it off, but it's not the recommended way to approach women. Try to talk to female acquaintances, or women you know a bit at least.

  • 1. Be hot
    2. Say hello

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