Why is this kid talking about our hook up?

on valentines day me and this kid had sex but he texted me on 2/19 and he asked me about homework and i let it slip that i am talking to another guy and he was like cool im seeing someone else too i think im gonna ask her out". today at school my friends told me that they heard him telling people about our hook up. i also saw my crush (the guy im talking to) have a brief conversation with this guy thats friends with the kid i slept with. I don't know what they said but i dont want him to think that i still like the kid i slept with.

like why is he telling people omg whys he bringing it up NOW? Like he didn't say anything all last week so why's he bringing it up now?

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  • he wants to ruin your chances with your crush
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  • he is jealous that you like another guy
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  • he wants to make another girl jealous
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  • This kid? Are you into cradle snatching?

    • Like we are the same age but he might be a little older

  • How old are you and how old is he cause you keep saying kid and it sounds disturbing like some child molestation

    • We are the same age I think he is a few months older

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