Should I text her?

She got mad at me, I apologized, she ignored me, I decided to don't talk to her again and after 8 months I forget about my pride and tagged her on something on Facebook... Now, after 8 months she liked 2 posts I shared...
this means a lot because it's been 8 months since I got a notification from her and I really missed her.

I feel like like this is an invitation for me to text her... Should I text her or should I wait for her to text me since I already apologized?

She didn't congratulate me on my birthday and hers is in 2 weeks. Should I send her a message until then?


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  • I would text her and try to make up with her. Why? Because it is impossible to know what is going on through her head. She could be just waiting for you for whatever reason.
    I see it as: If you do nothing, nothing will happen, and then the friendship never forms back. If you do something however, there is a chance you'll be able to mend stuff, and a chance is better than no chance. Hell, I would keep bugging her trying my best to show her that I cared about the relationship in the first place xD

    But yeah, I would talk to her... with maybe a message like... "We haven't talked in awhile and I miss you. Can we sort all this out so we can still be friends? :c "

    Naturally, make it sound like you and not a 20 yr old dude from Texas. Keep the key points that you...
    1.) Care for her still.
    2.) Want to work through the issues so you can still be friends like you used to be.

    I suggest asking to create a dialogue between you two. Once you get talking to each other, you can further work stuff and make up with each other.

    What you DON'T want to do is bring up the same topic that made her mad at you and have the same argument that essentially broke you two up from each other. Think of how awful it would be if she made a reminder of the thing that created tension, you said your thoughts were still the same on the matter, and you two started fighting again. I could see something like that permanently killing a friendship.

    In a sense, the friendship here is like a romantic relationship in the sense. If a dude came back to their SO after cheating, and the SO mentioned the topic, and the dude said he was still cheating with another person, chances are the SO wouldn't exactly take him back.

    So essentially, make sure you are calm when you text her, no matter what happens.


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  • I say text her on her bday telling her you missed her and wanna catch up.
    go for drinks or so. excuse also to celebrate her bday


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  • i do understand you might still have feelings for her but she is the one that ignored you. you apologized for what you did. to me its up to her to make the move. if you give in you are actually saying there behavior is except able. move on and find someone who will treat to as the special person you are.

  • Yes, text her. You don't know the reason, maybe she wants to make up to.

  • Give it a shot


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  • Text her an be honest "We haven't talked in a while, but I feel comfortable enough to text you because we've been active on social media."

  • sure go for it