Name a dish/food you like but others usually don't?

I wanna try some new dishes that maybe out of my comfort zone. Here's my dishes.

Stinky tofu, yellow or black
Name a dish/food you like but others usually don't?Silk worm cacoons on a kebab, bbq style


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  • It's not something I've ever had but it's something I would like to try some time when I get the chance: Surstr√∂mming. It's a Swedish national delicacy. It's basically rotten fish that has been fermenting inside a can for over a year (back in the old days, Swedish people would just put it inside a box and bury it under 2-3 inches of soil for half a year or so). It's considered the smelliest food in the world. The cans that it's held inside usually develop this bulge in the tin because of all the rotting gases that are trying to escape. I've been told that the smell is a very aggressive mix of rotten eggs and rotten meat. But supposedly, the taste is actually really good. So once you get over the terrible smell, it's actually a pretty enjoyable, interesting food (the Swedes call the taste "sublime" ;-)). Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver have both tried and liked it.

    • oh wow, its bad fish. I can do eggs, but not rotten fish, even cheese I can do.

      Gordon Ramsey is a great chef, but I question his tastes sometimes

    • Well, like I said, the taste is apparently pretty good, just the smell is terrible. I heard it tastes a bit like (fresh) anchovies. And it's fermented, so it's not dangerous for your health.

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  • Brussels sprouts

  • Mayo sauce on pasta or fries... only a few like it I guess...

    Or peanut butter on fries as well...

    • is mayo the same as mayonnaise? I put that with a little pasta sauce on pasta :)

    • Yeah it's da same... short for mayonnaise...