Lump like thing near ear?

Ok this might be gross, so I'm going to explain it.

I've had this thing right in front of the tragus (I had to look it up, didn't know what it was called). It's like a fluid pimple, it started off normal skin color but is now more of a bruise color. I've had these before, and I'm not sure exactly when they went away. But it's been there for about a month or so and it kinda worries me (I'm extremely paranoid about my health). I think I remember it hurting at first, because it was like stretching the skin I guess? But it does not hurt at all anymore. It just feels gelatinous a tiny bit. Now that I feel it again, it feels smaller than it did, but I don't remember it changing the color of skin. It's like a dark brown.

Is it like a cyst or something? It's really hard to describe. Basically it's a squishy lump, that doesn't hurt (anymore), and is discolored. I don't want to google pics, because they are worse than what I have. It doesn't have a head and feels like fluid is inside. Should I go to the doctor, or is this normal? I'm almost positive I've had these before, but my memory is crap so I honestly don't remember what it felt/looked like or how long it lasted. Any advice? :(


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  • That sounds odd, see a doctor as soon as possible, it could be cancerous

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