Any one else put off girls who are into the hook up culture?

Its disgusting when you hear about younglings being so slutty and its a common phenomena imagine then how many partners someone in their late 20 has had.
It made me to be come weary of how many partners a future girlfriend would have had.
So I will be delving through the past sex life of any future partner of mine.

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  • I find it disgusting. The STDs.
    If someone can't bond with someone emotionally and is promiscuous it's a sign of a serious problem with their personality/soul. It's a sign of sociopathy.

    • I agree but disagree on it being a sociopathic tendency rather I see it they view sex as utilitarian instead of a as a wholesome bonding

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  • A simple rule of mine: I don't care about a slut, I don't want to care about a slut and I won't care about a slut so long as she has nothing to do with me. By all means suck 10 dicks a day, I won't shame her. Heck I can even be her friend if we have something in common. But I will not date her. Much less marry her. She's not a bad person but she is none the less a slut and thus not dating materiel for me.


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  • I don't generally concern myself with the sex lives of others.


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  • Personally, I find this attitude quite arrogant and condescending. Unless you yourself have only been with 1 person so far (or maybe even with nobody at all), I don't think you've got the right to judge anyone else.
    And EVEN IF you yourself have only been with zero or one person sexually, I don't understand why you find promiscuity disgusting. If you knew how many germs you exchange with strangers every single day with completely non-sexual activities, you wouldn't be so obsessed with this anymore. Did you know that an average bank note contains about double as many bacteria as a public toilet seat, including E-coli bacteria? There's a good chance that if I slept right now with a random girl, it'd be less problematic for me than if I went through my wallet and I touched all my paper bills.

    • I'm not promiscues and its not only about physical aspect to me a persons that has sex too casually don't value it beyond the physical to me I have to feel connected on an emotional level to have sex random sexual activity is crazy in my opinion

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    • got AIDS and these couples still have sex together. Like regularly. What I mean to say by that is that just because you have sex with a person who's got HIV doesn't automatically transmit the virus onto you. If you practice safe sex, you can have sex with an infected person and still be on the safe side. And besides, it's not like every other person has an STD. Sure, there are people who have STDs but the vast majority of people doesn't.

    • I would have to disagree with you there on HIV, transmission is through contact with bodily fluids containing the virus like blood plasma when you have sex and friction occurs and one of you bleed usually the girls vagina chances are that blood infected with HIV could reach through to the penis usually through a ruptured condom or when he goes deep through the gap between shaft and condom.
      partners that have HIV have sex together which makes sense.
      "women have a much larger surface area of mucosal tissue – the lining of the vagina and cervix that can chafe easily and are rich in immune system cells that can be infected by HIV – than men. For men, HIV must enter through a cut or abrasion on the penis or through the lining of the urethra inside the tip of the penis."

  • I'm totally indifferent. Why do you care so much about what others do with their own body?

    • It makes it harder to find a girl that has a low count its more like the societal culture rather than a particular individual

  • I don't care. If my girlfriend is a virgin or has had 200 partners before me, I don't mind.

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